2013 Camps


 May 28th – July 26th

* Tri- Camp approaches summer enrichment holistically * * Professional, world renowned artists and outstanding regional music educators instruct campers in voice, dance, various instruments and lifestyle management * Certified teachers prepare Math, Reading, and Writing enrichment activities for   campers *Licensed Counselors are on site to provide support and guidance for college planning * Skilled experienced coaches teach fundamentals in Basketball, Football, Soccer and Volleyball * Campers experience horseback riding, swimming, skating, bowling, concerts and plays * Campers will showcase their experiences by participating in educational and sports tournaments as well as live performances.

Camp Jewell House

Coming from a third generation legacy of education and summer enrichment, Camp Jewell House, has been staffed with certified highly qualified teachers, touching the lives of youth from various parts of the united states which has resulted in many of them becoming Successful Productive Citizens.  Visit Camp Jewel House

The How big Is Your Dream?! Foundation

The How big Is Your Dream?! Foundation provides platforms for young aspiring musicians and artist who share the stage with Nationally reknowned artist to including its founder, Jorel “ JFly” Flynn who creates the Performance curriculum. Youth experience entertaining thousands of people which builds character and self – esteem. The Music Curriculum is derived from a Grammy Award winning band instructor who has a strong education and performing background.

Georgia Tarheel Sports

One of the largest and most successful AAU programs in GA servicing thousands of kids that have received college scholarships throughout the years.  Exposing campers to basketball, football, volleyball, and soccer.  Visit Georgia Tarheels Sports.

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June 17th – June 29th

Spend a magical summer break at the “How BIG Is Your Dream?! Music Camp!!! We provide a positive environment of learning, instructed by professional, world renowned artists and outstanding regional music educators. The “How BIG Is Your Dream ?! Music Camp offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to encourage individuals that aspire to have a career in the field of music with instruction on various instruments, including voice, dance, and lifestyle management.

Camp activities will include:

•Jazz Band/Combo a Solo Techniques – This topic is for all skill levels who want to focus on a creative approach to improvising and ensemble playing. Campers will improve their understanding and performance of the jazz tradition, combo theory, and solo techniques.

•Keyboard Harmony – Campers will learn about chords, how to accompany, practice sight reading, get an introduction to rock and jazz keyboard playing and learn about basic improvising techniques. A combination of listening and playing will be used to learn about stylistic differences of important figures in Jazz, Blues, B&B, Bock, and Gospel.

•Rhythm Section Ensemble Techniques (piano, bass, drums, vocals! – during this activity campers will focus on dynamics, timing, transition, and tone., the function of each musician and vocalist along with improving the campers communication skills in a group setting while playing in a band. This activity will also include Latin rhythms and Percussion techniques.

•Vocal Specialization / Lyric Writing – Practical application and techniques of the working vocalist will improve campers understanding of melody, lyrics, “hooks”, points of view and song logic. Solo writing as well as the concept of collaboration will be introduced.

•Lifestyle Mindset -In a growth and lifestyle mindset, campers will learn that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This teaching enhances a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. Virtually all great people have had these qualities.

•Panel discussions – This activity will involve the campers with a panel of various industry professionals from Hip Hop Artists, Vocalists, Producers, record Company Owners, entertainment Attorneys, Entertainment Accountants, Personal Assistants, etc.

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